Paintball Fields, Leagues, Teams & Stores
Here is a list of some of the paintball fields, stores and organizations in Kansas. Help us build this page by submitting your favorite local stores, fields and groups. Thanks.

Ball buster Paintball - Online shop with info & forum about local events.
Camp Wood YMCA - Located near Elmdale, offers paintball & camping.
Drop Zone Paintball Park - Fields across Kansas.
Edge Paintball Adventures - Wichita paintball field.
Extreme Crossfire Paintball Park - Hutchinson area field.
Graffiti Paintball - Belle Plaine fields with rental equipment.
National Pro Shop - Large Wichita retail outlet.
South West Kansas Paintball - field located in Syracuse.


Kansas Paintball Sites

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If you happen to know of a good paintball site that we left off our list — let us know — and we'll be happy to pass it on.

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